vara pappas


Direct, conceptual, provocative and engaging. Design, illustration, photography, and direction for brands, publications, and people.

Photo taken by Edward CH Light

Photo taken by Edward CH Light


Vara Pappas

I attended Savannah College of Art and Design on a portfolio scholarship in 2000. At SCAD I focused on fine art, illustration, and photography. In 2002 I transferred to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I majored in Graphic Design and earned a BFA. My career started as a junior designer for the M Line. I retained my passion for photography, and did ongoing education at AAU to learn lighting. I later moved to LA, and started an extensive freelance career in both photography and graphic design. Opportunity came knocking in Texas, and I had a 5 year career at Acumen Design creating graphics, photography, interior design, way finding, and product design. I became both an art director and creative director in design and photography, and moved to Austin.

I'm constantly craving inspiration. I enjoy traveling, playing music, and working in as many creative fields as time will allow.